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PentaKing Series Teaser

Hey Guys. As it’s almost a year (wow) since I published my first skin TSM Yasuo, I wanted to announce my next project: PentaKing Series!

Ever since I started making skins, I have always wanted to make my own skin named “PentaKing Yi” Since I am a Master Yi Main. But I was never confident enough in my skin creation skills to do so. Now after almost a whole year (on 28th of March) I am happy to announce that I have started the Project to make Team PentaKing come to life! I am planning on making a “PentaSkin” for a champion in every role. These are the following:

  • PentaKing Wukong
  • PentaKing Yi
  • PentaKing Yasuo
  • PentaKing Graves
  • PentaKing Braum

I will release these skins over 4 weeks time, starting on March 28th with PentaKing Yasuo Since it will be 1 year since I released My first skin ever TSM Yasuo. Thanks for all the support all of you have given me for the past whole year. lets go reach the 2 years next!

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  1. Hello, could you tell me how do you make your custom skins use actual skins models and still work for base? Like on C9 Vi you use the Demon Vi skin model but it doesn’t require the person to have that skin and it works on base. I would really appreciate if you told me how to do so.


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