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Dark Matter Braum

This is the second skin I uploaded now. Since you liked the first skin I made, I thought to continue and do some more 😀 I hope you enjoy it. (Base Color and Particle effects change)

– New poro for taunt
– New Abilities overall
– Overworked HUD Icons
– New feeling for Braum




  1. ‘As usual I download all of ggrengar’s skins that I can, by far ggrengar and pentaking are the best skin creators on this site 🙂 Please please make a “Shockwave Zed” for base with any pallet :e


  2. does anyone know how to install this skin when i added the folder on wooxy it skipped like 83 files and had 8 conflicts


      • Can’t tell if I’m stupid or not… but what description? I opened the .rar and got all of the stuff extracted from it but I don’t really know what to do now… 😛


        • Do you know how to install a folder into wooxy? To install this skin (same for the other skins that change the base skin to another skin): When you start wooxy, there are 3 Options. Select the Right “Settings”. Go to “Advanced” and select “Show “Allowing Adding New Files” option before adding a skin”. When it’s done, reinstall the skin but when you are about to import it, you have to click the option “Allow adding new files” next to “Add a folder”. It should work then.


      • So I went to one of your other posts and found out how you described adding it to them, but it doesn’t seem to be working for me. I changed my Wooxy settings, extracted everything into a folder called DarkMatterBraum and then clicked the “Allow Other Files” and “Add Folder” and it says 0 files added, 0 conflicts, 0 skipped… .-.


        • Ahh. You only have to select “Allow adding new files” when you install a skin, for example Project zed, that replaces the Base skin from a champion! If you use normal Zed then and you want to install a skin that’s based on Project Zed (With the particles of the skin, backport and animations), you have to click on “Allow adding new files”. If only the particles from the base skins are changed, you should not click it because it’s buggy then. For this skin: Dont click on “Allow adding new files”. It should work then!


  3. Dude i simply adore your skins keep up the good work, and may i request a skin for Tahm Kench i do love that champ anyway as i said good job on the skins.


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