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Site theme 2016 – Pirates


Welcome to the new site theme! Discover all new features behind our new Pirate Theme!
This is our new theme – Pirates – which brands a mix of pirate style and old west style. Members and visitors may rest in our old tavern with that wooden feel to it after the big plunder!

Main Features are:

  • Completely new Front Page
    • The new front page features a Champion Skins grid and a Map Skins grid (work in progress) as well our two most popular guides – intro to skin creation and intro to model creation.
  • More usable area!
    • Max width for blog style increased from 604p to 650p.
    • Max width for pages increased from 900p to 1000p.
  • New technology – Overixy™
    • Overixy makes your pages seamless, hiding the title and with a beautiful start head to hold your own page design.
    • For demonstration purposes – Currently three pages uses Overixy – the Front Page, Champion Skins and Events pages.
  • New Menu – full of resources, with smart in-out wood patterns.
    • New pages – also found in the menu – Credits and Events.
    • Events System has been reworked. (for members only use)
  • New explanatory page about why Wooxy is safe – work in progress.
  • New two mascots for our website in chibi style – Pirate Ahri and Pirate Sona – made by the wonderful Miruukii-hime.

Pirate Ahri Creation

Work In Progress

You may see something not working yet, don’t worry. We are still working behind the scenes to complete what is missing and fixing remaining bugs.
The map skins section in the front page is still work in progress.



  1. i would also love to have Bilgewater Jhin with an Armcannon and a full upgrade cannon when he ults, or a Bilgewater Ekko with his Z drive as a jar of oranges and when he ults he pulls the string and he eats oranges and it is K


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