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Yoko Littner as Caitlyn – Small improvement

Hello everyone, before everything, this is just a improvement from capwill original skin, so all thanks to him.

This is Yoko Littner as Caitlyn skin. In this version, i changed the eyes, they were crossed and little big, now they are more liked to the anime. In the gameplay, Yoko mouth was invisible( maybe because of light engine ), so i made a little texture to made it visible again. In the anime, the shoots are blue, i don’t know how change auto atack color, but i changed Q projectile color to blue.        If anyone can teach me how to do this, i will be thankful.

“Yoko Littner is a sniper shooter and one of main characters from Tengen toppa Gurren Laggan”

Download Links


Yoko Caitlyn.wxy

Original Skin(old version)

Row Row Fight the Power 😛



  1. Looks awesome, and the anime eyes look really polished as well. Could you also make a Sinon (sniper from SAO II) skin for Caitlyn? It’s a shame that there really aren’t any.


      • I’ve seen one by Googling it but the link seems to 404, or it is no longer available 😦 And still, even if you did just change textures and files, that Yoko still looks legit as hell.


  2. After downloading, when I went into game the textures came out buggy (Her legs were extremely bent and her head displaced)


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