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Next Skin Series Teaser: Transformer Prime

Transformer Prime!!!

Hello everyone! I guess many of you might know my name already MuvLuv and I like to make a skin that come with series like 5 skins or more per a series
And today I bring you with my new Skin Series name Transformer Prime.
This Skin Series I has been long planned and estimated start date is expect to during mid or end of April.
And below I give you the assigned skin as a champion for some of them
-Optimus as Garen
-Megatron as Aatrox
-Bumblebee as Lee sin
-Soundwave as Orianna
but Im still not sure about Bumblebee and Soundwave so comment if you have any suggestion

But hold on there are still many many more skins coming estimated to be more than 10!!! so stay update because Im going to release more information about this soon!!!
and that is all for this Teaser guys see you in the next post



  1. if you could make a skin for aurelion sol as one of them and when he uses e he can turn into a jet


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