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Bilgewater Music for Summoners Rift (Patch 6.5+)

Hello! I am back with new version of the Bilgewater Music return!
In patch 6.5 Riots removed soundbanks with Bilgewater Music from the game client. For this reason new version of mod now includes necessary soundbanks files.
As in previous version Bilgewater Music is only for Summoners Rift.

Download and install with Wooxy:

Bilgewater Music for Summoners Rift v3

If someone needs music in OGG, it can be found here and here.



  1. In patch 6.8 Riot removed reference to old Auido.inibin values and also cleanup file.
    Therefore, all mods based on Audio.inibin files (Bilgewater Announcer and Music, Butcher’s Bridge also lost music) dont work after patch 6.8.
    I have no idea how to bring back Bilgewater mods. I tried to search new reference to announser and music soundbanks in game files but I am failed. It is probably in solution League of Legends.exe then just impossible to change it.
    RIP Bilgewater Announcer and Music.

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  2. hello, everything works great combined with butcher’s bridge and bilgewater announcer but I have a tiny issue: every time I turn on my computer, the skin is uninstalled. If I remember it and install it before playing then it’s all great. But no matter how many times I install it it’s always uninstalled next time I turn on my pc. any ideas?


  3. Hey I just installed it and It only gave the announcer not the music, is that in a different file? The last time I tried using this I had an announcer wooxy file and a music wooxy file. Unfortunatly I could only have 1 installed at a time. after installing this one, I only got the announcer though.


  4. So you did changed the in-game music of summoners rift….. can u release a tutorial on how to do that ourself? Or release a mod/program that can replace the ambient music of summoners rift with the wanted music file?…. Because this is a real issue and no 1 can’t find how to do that, where and what to change, i spend hours searching in the map files and also in the sounds folders all i could find are champions voiceovers and champ select music….. I think we need this since no 1 done it since league release…. On all threads on all websites are requests on how to do that and the same reply put it in the background but let’s be honest this sucks. I would be gratefull if u think at least on this as a future project to release a tutorial or program/mod


  5. what should i download to have Butcher’s Bridge,gangplank announcer and music working(aram+sr)?


  6. Hello! Currently the Bilgewater music also doesn’t work for ARAM, meaning that the Butcher’s Bridge mod has no music, I’m assuming for the same reasons it didn’t work for Summoner’s Rift. Will this fix that, or…?


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