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Demacian Ahri


Hello there!

In my spare time I have been working on a re-skin using the Foxfire skin to make it look so badass fitting a Demacian theme.


  • Two reskins for Foxfire ahri based on your taste.
  • Can also replace the Base Ahri skin (Default skin replace)
  • Was intended to look a bit like a Battle hardened demacia-ish Ahri (Demacia Emblem included)
  • Blood stains on arms, gloves, legs and other parts if you look closely.
  • Darker tail’s with a bright flame to fit a warrior like theme.

Some detailed screenshots:

In-game screenshots:

Installation guide:

1. Download one of the files

2. Save the file and open Wooxy

3. Skin collection > import skin > add a package > choose the skin you want > Save & install > open league of legends.

The light version includes some minor texture features i did last minute (No major differences!) and is the recommended version, and looks a bit better on the normal summoners rift in my personal opinion.

I am also going to make a V2 version, where the armor she is wearing will include more detailed armor plating textures made by yours truely. (Not just brush overlay’s) I am Also considering plating the legs and reskin the boot textures to look like something similiar to skyrim’s steal plate leg armor if any of you know that to fit “demacia’s theme” a lil better. But that is for a later date. Suggest following if curious? 🙂

Additional misc:

  • Make sure to uninstall, and install the files simply by clicking the install and uninstall button in the Wooxy skin collection tab whenever Riot updates the game!!! Should only take like 5 seconds.
  • I also made a package that replaces the current Ahri splash art & icons with the more mature old ones, you can get that here: Classic Ahri splashart & icons (NOTE: The two “Base skins” above use the foxfire SplashArt and thus replace the “Base skin art” in this package causing it to maybe bug by showing the currently riot used base ahri icon in champ select only.)

Bugs?: for some reason i could not add sliders or anything instead of direct url images to this post. I was trying to accomplish something like this:



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