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Garnet Vi Preview and Earlier Download

Hello, I am EnjoyYourMadness, creator of Snow day Poppy and Santa Fiora. I’m currently working on a Steven Universe Skin pack for the following characters/champions, I’ll publish the champions of the other Steven Universe Characters when I release new skins for the theme. For now, I would want to share the first WIP skin with you (remember this is not finished yet):
Garnet as Vi (Download here)
Pearl as Fiora
Amethyst as ???
Steven as ???
Peridot as ???
??? as ???
??? as ???
This skin feature (for now):
-New model
-New Textures
-New Voice Over
-New Particles (Cookie cat!)
-Special interactions with Pearl (Fiora)

Skin model Viewer:

Skin video preview:

Skin English VO:

Hope you like it! 🙂



  1. Cara, o que eu posso dizer ? SKIN MARAVILHOSA, garnet é a minha gem preferida e você fez esse modelo mt bem, serio mesmo, e ainda colocou as falas ( e a música mdssss). Parabéns, continue com o ótimo trabalho ❤

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  2. Muito boa a skin! Vc tem talento!
    Achei o video dessa skin no YT e achei dez =D
    Parabéns e continue o ótimo trabalho ^^


  3. tem previsão para outras skins? vc team page no facebook pra eu acompanhar os feeds?


  4. I love this skin but the VO doesnt work for me. I tried downloading the skin from 2 different computers still no VO. Could you please send me a link to download only the VO to see if it works this way


  5. I have some skins ideas a long time:
    Note: I am Brazilian and I’m using googler translator

    pearl = Fiora or even Kalista (because of her spear)

    Steven = Braum or Kennen

    Connie = Annie (this skin she would use the steven burger backpack and his plush animal would be Fribo)

    stevonnie = Leona (this skin I thought instead of their ultimate show a circle will be able to be the shield of rose or something like that)

    Lion = Rek’Sai (this skin instead of digging tunnels lion could open portals)
    Lion = Bard (I know it has nothing to do but I liked the idea of ​​it opening portals from one side to the other with its roar)

    Peridot = Rumble
    Peridot = Vicktor (this skin instead of having an arm sticking out of it could use reduced the ship scale that he used to come to earth with the pencil which is a hand too, and Q he could launch the radius with the gem that has in your head)
    Peridot = Malzarar (this skin the minios that it asked to be those robots ball she uses)

    sardonyx = Poppy (I’m not taking into account the size of sardonyx for this skin)

    Lion + Ametist = Sejuani

    Opal = Ashe
    Opal = Varus

    Sr.universe = Morderkaiser (It would be an alternative to skin pentakill)

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  6. Hey can u plz make this skin- Seems like a realy good idea and needs 2 b made. (Robotic voice plz 🙂 I have some particle ideas so if u want 2 hear em I’ll be glad 2 tell ya 😀


  7. Pearl as Pantheon
    Amethyst as Sejuani riding Stevens Lion 😀
    Steven as Braum
    Peridot as Ezreal (Green Particles) or Rumble (Good Idea)
    Lapis as Illaoi
    Jasper as Dr.Mundo
    Conie as Fiora
    Others you can see in other comments (I liked all ideas)

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  8. 1) Greg Universe- Yorick
    -shovel= guitar
    -ghosts=watermelon stevens

    2) Amethyst- Thresh
    -lantern= together breakfast(only when lantern is thrown)
    *brings your teammates back together (breakfast)!

    3) Stevonie- Leona
    -sword and shield=stevens mothers sword and shield

    4) Peridot- Rumble
    *Peridot could ride the robot she made to VS Pearl in the Robolymics

    6) Lapis- Nami

    7) Opal- Ashe

    8) Frybo- Zyra or Illoai
    -plants= fry creatures
    -tentacles= fries

    ****HUGE fan of Steven Universe (so i love this very very much) and me and my boyfriend were coming up with some ideas. HOPE THESE HELP! :3

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  9. Amethyst- Zyra

    Steven- Braum?

    Jasper- Illaoi



    Rly want to stick 2 genders so it took me a little while 2 think of some 😀

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  10. See this i a cool skin 10/10

    1: steven wud be awesome as Braum
    2 he got shield
    3 he throws ram like steven cuz do
    4 the jump cud be stevens bubble shield 😀

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  11. friend a litlee think you can out this particle XD It is that dull the skin also if she should have that glow somewhere is in your hands where are your gems please is a litlee think i hope you can edit it :,D

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    • Her gems are on her hand, but i wont change this glow for clarity reasons, if a skin makes you have advantage/disadvantage it shouldn’t be published, hope you understand.


      • emmm i dont speak english i hope you understand that i say because i dont know i say the glow or shine in her chest looks better in her hands is but is just a opinion :T the skin dont have advantage of disadvantage is just a extetic change XD but is your skin your decisions


  12. OMG is awesome i cant wait for a fiora pearl please make queek :3 !!!!! really i love pearl pearl :,3

    for me the best for steven is braum because is the only champion use just a shield nothing more ,leona use a sword and taric use a hammer

    peridot can be a mage maybe syndra and the ballls can be the robonoids

    peridot can be rumble to and the robot is the same of the return to the farm

    and amethyst it's difficult if you make a rammus amethyst looks awesome with he Q because is the same power

    i dont know more ideas i hope you make this characters :3 and wow thanks !!! for the work

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    • “And WOOOOOW THAAANKKS” – Peridot
      I’ll make more for sure, and you’re correct about Steven, i’ll use Braum 😀


      • wow thanks XD i have a idea for lapiz i don’t know how difficult is but it’s awesome is lapiz will be illaoi and the tentacles have be the water hands of lapiz

        or kayle and have the wings

        and jasper never mentioned could be rammus to darius , garen and maybe illaoi XD illaoi es the same body of jasper

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    • Everyone asked for amethyst as Rammus, i think i’ll make her for 2 different champs as both fit her in a way 🙂


    • I won’t be doing Steven Taric for 2 reasons:
      1. He will get a rework soon, so the skin will propably stop working.
      2. Steven can’t keep his shield all the time, so its themally wrong to do steven as Taric.
      But i’ll do my best on him 😀


  13. Maybe Pearl as kalista because spears!
    lapiz lazuli as kayle!!
    steven as nunu and willump is stevens father xD
    Peridot as lux
    Amethyst as zyra using her whip as vines!
    Anyways NICE SKIN !! i love that you added her voice!! :3

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    • As i said, this is not the finished version, i’ll probably solve this problem soonTM


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