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Demon Twisted Fate

Hey guys, Thornnn here bringing you another skin. Introducing Demon Twisted Fate.

This uses the Cutpurse Twisted Fate for your Base skin. No new Particles.


Full Package Download (.wxy File) includes

  • New Base Model/Recolored
  • New Splash Art for Air_Client and in-game

.Rar File

How to Install
Download Wooxy
go to Skins > Import Skins > Add Package > Select Downloaded File

Thanks for Viewing!

► Twitter: @_Thornnn
► Check out more of my skins here ◄



  1. That’s a great skin!! I really love your job man well done! Would you please change the color of the cards? can you make the cards of underground twisted fate I think it will be really great! Appreciate it!


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  3. Hello, in the first place, this is an awesome custom skin. I want to ask one question. How do you make the skin use Cutpurse TF model even tho people don’t have the skin?


    • Ancient Chinese Secret Technique, nah jk. Its just a matter of rearranging the names of certain files, telling the computer to read those instead of the original ones in the loading screen, pretty much it


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