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Pentakill Air_Client Sound Mod (BETA)

Hey guys, Thornnn here bringing you a Pentakill Air_Client Sound Mod.

I will give you a breakdown of all its’ features and as always, the download links are at the bottom.

What is this? In this Sound Mod, I’ve replaced quite a few music assets that run in the background of the Air_Client which include:

The Login Screen (Fully Animated) – Plays “Lightbringer”

The Play Button- Plays “The Prophecy”

Matchmaking Lobby – Plays “The Hex Core”

Champion Select – Plays “Deathfire Grasp”

Howling Abyss Champ Select – Plays “Orb of Winter”

Old Champ Select (Custom Games and stuff) – Plays “Ohmwrecker”



(+4 Additional Files.) It’s a pain to upload files in excess of 100+ MB each time i add a tiny file, so instead i’ll be adding Sound Packs for additional sounds

Matchmaking Queue Ready (both Versions) – Plays this: “Yeaaaaaaaaaahhhh”

Party Invites & Friend Requests – Plays this: “LightBringerBell”



(+2 Additional Files). Since this one isn’t under the Pentakill Theme here, this is an optional Silver Scrapes (ProtoShredanoid Remix), From the Warsongs Album, that goes pretty well with the Pick Intent and Ban Phase portion of Champ Select that lasts like 30 second-minute. Get hyped for your next match!



Being that this is the first Sound Mod that i’m doing, i hope to do more with other themes with riots albums (such as DJ Sona, Warsongs, The Music of League of Legends, etc). This first mod will help set the framework in what people like/dislike and for me to get all the sound files located.

I also think being able to change the Matchmaking Lobby background to the set theme would be a cool idea but I’m still looking for that file. (if someone finds it before I do, i would love the location of it and how to change it)

Feedback would be greatly appreciated! I will take your ideas and make them happen!

We’ll see how this goes and if it gets popular, expect more Air_Client Sound Mods to come! Thanks!



► Download the whole Pentakill Album for Free Here:

► Download the Pentakill Air_Client Sound Mod  (file name is Pentakill Mod Test)
► Download the Pentakill Sound Pack 1
► Download the Silver Scrapes Optional Sound Pack

How to Install
► Download Wooxy 
→ From Wooxy: Open Skins > Import Skins > Add Package: Select .wxy file



Patch 6.4 Login Fix



You can find more of my Skins here:
Twitter: @_Thornnn



    • I’ve discontinued the update of this sound mod for a long time, since this was my beta tester for this sorta thing. I do agree, the play button is a bit meh after a while, which is the reason why i packed all my future sound packs differently (more organized with desired options), but simply i don’t have 4 hours of my time anytime soon to upload the enormous sound file it took to make Pentakills sound pack atm. Version 2 definitely a possibility in the future


      • Aww, too bad. (I’m the guy from above)
        Thought it would be, like, just exchanging the Audio of what he says when he ults with “FUS RO DAH!”. If I knew how to exchange such audio, I’d probably try to do it. :’)
        Anyway, thanks for this mod, it’s pretty badass. >:D
        The only thing that kind of annoys me is that I have to reinstall the mod every time League updates, but I guess it’s worth it. 🙂


          • Oh, also, one thing. Since I am often with friends in the call, the Prophecy that plays on the Play button is always really long. Think you could, let’s say, shorten it that way that when you press play, it just does the “HEAVY METAL” part, the last part of the prophecy, since it’s not long, of course? 😀


          • atm i don’t get a whole lot of demand to update this, if i get 3-4 more people to ask for that i would, otherwise it takes quite a bit of time out of my day to do it. The process it takes to do this is heavily dependent on my upload speed and it’s not the greatest. Takes a while


  1. Amazing sound mod :O Im in love with metal and I am in love with you for making that mod ❤


    • How i do it is basically replicating a mock folder of your Air_Client (Adding New Folders within New Folders.. etc) Only need to do the paths that you’re changing. Basically take the mp3’s that you want for what your changing and rename those files to the ones you’re replacing.

      There’s tons of Tutorials on youtube on how to change the login screen and such, recommend watching them to fully understand.


  2. Can you give me a full tutorial and what to do to install this? I am a big fan of the Pentakill album and really want to hear this stuff in my game, but I’m afraid I may screw something up and replace summoners rift with a sountrack :L


  3. Hey Everyone, i found a fix for patch 6.4, Currently updating/uploading files.

    Essentially, every patch, i’ll release a Patch 6.[x] update dedicated for just the login screen. (if there’s a demand for it). Thanks 🙂


    • Oh okay, thanks for letting me know!

      With every patch the “C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\projects\lol_air_client\releases\” file usually changes (not everytime tho) and I’ll have to reload a new raw-.rar file (instead of wxy) so yall can easily manually change it when it stops working.


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