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Plutia The Iris Heart

Plutia The Iris Heart

Main female character from Hyperdimension Neptunia
>>>New Update is out click here<<<
This skin features
*Whole new champion model for Fiora
*Whole new champion voices when using abilities and emotions
*New Q Lunge,R Grand Challenge SFX
*New Passive Duelist’s Dance,Q Lunge,W Riposte,R Grand Challenge Particles
This skin can be install with Wooxy only by Import Skin and select add package and select the Plutia The Iris Heart v1.2 (By MuvLuv).wxy

and here is the spotlight >



  1. Hi ! Thank you for this beautiful skin , but i have a problem i can’t play with it , i have bug splashes , can you tell me how to fix it?


  2. Hey Muv! Are you going to update this fiora skin? It doesnt work currently and only creates bug splashes.
    Oh btw whats your plan with the Xin? Rei maybe?


  3. Nice skin MuvLuv I like all of your skin so keep it up and doing
    ehh?? when will Rei finish and release cuz I really want to see how to LOOK LIKE NOWWW XD


  4. Same issue. I have downloaded all your skins but can’t make the voices work, most likely it’s a thing with me being in LAS. Is there a way to change/fix this?

    Also yeah, Poppy’s whole moveset, specially her Ultimate matches Blanc’s moves and fight style, but I imagine that it would be hard to so something like that cause Poppy is so tiny.


  5. Hey Dude, I’ve been using all of your skins and so far they’re awesome :))
    Keep it up! Btw I have some suggestions or rather request, could you do a Vert(base) xin zhao or a Blanc(base) poppy? Or do you have some other projects in mind that you could share with us :))

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    • Another thing to note is that the Fiora skin creates bugsplats(does not happen for other skins) and White/Green heart skin doesn’t work…


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