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Hierophant Green Nocturne

Hey Guys, Thornnn Here with another Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures themed inspired skin. Now featuring: Hierophant Green Nocturne!

(see also: Hol Horse Twisted Fate)

This skin replaces the default base skin

The Full Package Download (.wxy file) Includes

  • Recolored Frozen Terror Nocturne (For Base) Model
  • New Splash Art and HUD’s for the Client & in-game

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How to Install
► Download Wooxy (Highly Prefered) or SIU (Skin Installer Ultimate), Download the provided .rar Files from above.
→ From Wooxy: Open Skins > Import Skins > Add Package: Select .rar file
→ From SIU: Drag and Drop .rar file into page

Art by @Just1ce1 





  1. hey bro! you can create a skin for udyr, a star platinium udyr??? i thinks it gonna look very cool and make the animals look like star platinium too but in other colors 😀


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  3. Some guy that will never answer here by this name again, but another long ass one says:

    Just hear me out here. I can’t make this, but you can and you do an excellent job. How about instead of Spirit Guard Udyr, Stando Guard Udyr. Spirit Guard Udyr as a base and Q is Star Platinum(fast attacks), E is the world(he moves extremely fast and stuns people, so it’s kinda like he stops time), R magicians red (no explanation needed). I thought you might be able to use surprise party udyr, but idk how it will work out, since in spirit guard you just change the animal that appears above his head and and the particles and sounds.


  4. Hey man here are some ideas for skins;

    Zed as “The Hanged Man”

    Anivia as “Petshop”


  5. Fucking amazing dude!!! Im using this over haunting nocturne!!!! I love it!

    one question though, would it be possible to transfer a skin from league craft to wooxy? most of the skins from leaguecraft when installed in wooxy tend to be bugged and so we cant use them. I know a lot of people always ask for a skin or so but It would really be nice if green lantern vi would be available on wooxy 😦


  6. WOW AWESOME! …. Can u make Battlecast Kha’Zix? I ask The Natoken Project too but I don’t know will they do this


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