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Wooxy 1.3 patch notes

Hello everyone, a new Wooxy version is now out! Say hello to the map viewer and say goodbye to the annoying bugs!



On the main window

  • Updated design (thanks to Nagiliant).
  • Wooxy now displays pictures of the best latest skins on the main window!
  • The loading progress is now indicated on the main window.

We decided that it would be cool to update the main window design, so we removed everything (almost :D) and remade everything! The window is now cleaner and even more simple to use:


On the skins window

  • We removed the gradient that indicated if a skin was installed.
  • Added a line at the bottom of each skin picture to indicate the installation state of the skin.

The main objective here was to add a good way for users to know if their skins are installed or not. The old gradient wasn’t clear so we decided to put one colored line for each skin. Green means installed whereas red means uninstalled:


  • Now allows to install multiple skins at once.

It’s now easy to install packs that contain more than 1 wxy file, you just need to add the zip file or the wxy files and all the skins will be imported to your database.

  • We added a dialog that will ask you if you want to install the skin you’ve just imported to Wooxy (you can disable it in the Settings if you don’t like it).


  • Skins names can now contain special characters such as “/” (thanks to Leischii for the suggestion).
  • Wooxy won’t create copies of added WXY files that are already in your skins folder.

In the creation studio

  • The map viewer is now available! Details here.
  • We added a model viewer/converter which allows you to open a LoL model and also to convert it to an OBJ file. Currently the model viewer is able to open models in SKN, SCB and OBJ format. You can also open an OBJ file and convert it to SCB (thanks a lot to BB Crauzer for his help).


You can now easily edit SCB files (LoL models used for particles) by converting the original SCB to OBJ, modifying your OBJ with your modelling software, saving it as OBJ and finally reconverting it to SCB with Wooxy!

In general

  • We changed the way Wooxy updates, it should now be much faster and safer!

Bug fixes

  • We fixed a bug that could occur when Wooxy was launched when LoL was updating.
  • Added files are now properly displayed in the tree.
  • Potential fix for a bug that could occur when Wooxy was uninstalling skins from a Garena installation.

Since we changed the way Wooxy updates, your current Wooxy won’t update to 1.3. That means you’ll all have to download the new version from HERE.

Don’t hesitate to comment to say what you think of this new version, but also to report the bugs you find! Thank you.



  1. “wooxy failed to load backup manifests, unable to connect to the remote server”..


  2. uh soooo whenever i open it i get stuck at “creating lol manifest” then after a long time of waiting it goes to error :/


  3. Hi this can be a bug that’s the reason that i stop use wooxy. So the bug make my client of League Of Legends stop working it apears a bug that say it missing something about tristana… and say to me to reinstall the game. I did that 1 time but apears again and i had to reinstall the game 2 times and i can’t install wooxy again because this is a bug that make the client to stop work, try to fix it or what to do ??????


  4. i thought i could check out the skins i download here before installing them on the model viewer, but it doesnt work like that?


  5. Update is awesome guys!
    I was wondering where the soundbank extractor was though?


  6. Hi wooxy team or if i can say that :). Is it okey if i would do a youtube video of talking about the patch of the new wooxy 1.3 cause i have recently uploaded a custom skin tutorial that got more views than i thought i could get. I am trying to do alit om custom skins tutorials and i hope a get a answer on my question 🙂

    My youtube channel name is HeyZReD if you are intrested . Have a great day


  7. Just posting this here to get your attention Chewy 😉

    By any chance have you been working on the Season 1/2 Summoner’s Rift? I really would like to see that again soon. 🙂 Take your time though, and I will be satisfied with any result if you choose to finish it. Thanks!


    • What a stupid decision from Riot, I’ll definitely miss that mode. Hope they can at least create a new map because with only 3 maps, the game will be almost empty. Sad.


  8. Mine’s stuck on “Downloading LoL manifests” then sends me an error after a few minutes 😦


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