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Dredd Talon


Judge Dredd Talon V2

Bringing Justice to Mega City One. I bring you Judge Dredd Talon. Added his policebadge and his nightstick! Hope you enjoy it, remodeled Talon’s model myself. 🙂

Includes 2 version, a darker one like on the pictures, and a lighter more colorful one.

There are more skins I made to be found here: Mundonator’s skins

This particular skin can be downloaded here: Dredd 2



  1. Dude I love your skins man! Keep it up this is a nice touch up for the judge.
    Do you mind if I ask if you can do a BatMan Talon aswell. It looks great on Rengar I just think Talon would be a great BatMan too XD


    • I think I won’t be doing batman Talon although he would fit the character as well. Thing is I have to make Solid Snake (metal gear) riding a horse smacking people with a bazooka for hecarim, and mario and bowser as mini and mega gnar AND a samurai pizza cat as akali.


      • Thanks for replying to me that means alot. I understand you are busy. Just know this makes me very sad Q~Q. Cant wait to play as that Hecarim ^_^ I love metal gear.

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        • I intend to reply to all requests. If you have a suggestion for a pop culture character for a champ I haven’t done I might consider making it.. 😉


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