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Biochemical Sion + Particles

Basically its a green Sion with green particles

some of the particles are still red but i don’t know how to change that but when i find a way to change them ill update them

If u think u have seen this skin before its because my skin shares some similarities with the zombie Sion skin from Savvas but i did the skin on my own


i recommend you to install this skin with wooxy

click on “+ Import skin” then “Add package” now click on the ZIP and chose a name and don’t forget to click “Install”

small info:

I worked nearly 4 hours at this skin



    • I use photoshop and it took me so long becuse of the particles i failed them at the first atempt i also editet the screenshot in photoshop but didnt upload thema ll and i took some breaks between but i countet that aswell :/


    • Hi Savvas. Could you join us in our chat channels? So we can do justice and at the same time fix your post with working images.

      Update: I just checked the two skins closely, and it looks like they are different looking closely. If you still think he stole your textures and just add his name to it, join us in our channels and pm me, sending your PSD/RAW file with layers and stuff, so we can examine better.


  1. First I saw somebody do the same exact thing before u, Second If u can make SOUL Reaver Darius that would be great.

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