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Blue Diana (w/ Water Particles)

Hi guys, Thornnn here. Introducing my 3rd“Blue” series skin.
(See also: Blue Ahri & Blue Katarina).

Welcome Blue Diana!


The Full Package Download (.wxy file) Includes

  • Recolored Base Skin
  • Water Particles added to her Abilities
  • New Splash Arts for the Client & in-game portrait/HUD

(Other Links)

How to Install
► Download Wooxy (Highly Prefered) or SIU (Skin Installer Ultimate), Download the provided .rar Files from above.
→ From Wooxy: Open Skins > Import Skins > Add Package: Select .rar file
→ From SIU: Drag and Drop .rar file into page

Thank you!



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  2. heyy i wanna request a talon skin from assassin creeds or any talon skin that you think its awesome looking please.
    i seen you work its pretty awesome hope you can make a talon skin ❤


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