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Royal Guard Yasuo

Hello Guys, Leischii is back

Today I present you Royal Guard Yasuo, a slightly tweaked version of the new Blood Moon Yasuo skin and features:

-New Model (PBE)

-New Textures (Slightly more yellow then the original)

-New Particles(PBE)

-New recall (PBE)

This skin works for base Yasuo




A few of you may have noticed that this is the first Skin I didn’t upload in it’s original version. Also the feedback on existing skins (Sorry for the guys who are waiting for the Japanese Voice update) was almost completely missing.

To get directly to the point: I won’t upload skins on mapskins anymore!

Yurixy also made the following comment: “We at Mapskins think that porting original raw paid skins to base crosses the line with Riot and we don’t want to create a bad relationship with them. Custom skins are still allowed, no matter the model used, until the policy of Riot changes, then we will adapt to it.”


BUT: I’m not going to stop with these skins. I just won’t upload them here anymore.

I will be most of the time on the Mapskins Chat Channels and post there updates and Mediafire links to new skins. There I will also upload Skins that have been released already. To get the Downloadlink for the skins you have to go on the Chat Channel link (above) and talk to me, since I can’t post it here.

They will be downloadable as wxy files AND in a raw state, so you can use them to create your own skins that are based on a buyable skin if you want to do that.

I hope this post will clear the current situation and I hope there will be a lot of Skin-Creators who are happy with the raw skins and make cool skins out of them.

That’s all for now and I hope to see you soon on Discord. ๐Ÿ˜‰



  1. Where i can download your skins? Please give me a link or something! โค Thanks!!!!


  2. This isn’t a good idea to direct people to discrod, I just went there and please tell me where I’m suppose to find your skins there? I don’t see a specyfic created for you tab that has all your skins, you should make a website for this or something, or make a directory/separate folder on discord with only links to your skins, finding any of your skins from my perspective right now is unavailable, I went to your discord right now and I don’t see any skins there :/


  3. hi i like ur skins but idk how to use mapskin chat channel so can u help me pls bec zed’s shadow in ur last project gets error whenever i use it


  4. Hi can you do Dunkmaster Darius?I searched it for a while but i can’t find it,pls help me.Ty


  5. IMPORTANT NEWS: Due to patch 6.4 ALL custom skins have been deleted from mediafire since they broke the game. Pls be patient while I’m trying to save as much of them as possible


  6. Hello, again! Question? You can extract files from the normal client too? I mean, the same way you do with the PBE? I wanna try it so if it’s the same process, then I’m in. :O


  7. Can you make an Aether Wings Kayle skin? I can’t find the files like nowhere, tho.
    I wanna buy it anyway, but I still wanna try it before


  8. Update: Dragon Slayer Pantheon, River Spirit Nami and Omega Squad Teemo joined the list. Dragon Slayer Pantheon doesn’t have the new Ult wings


  9. will the link that already exist here will be deleted?
    and whats your next target skin?
    thanks as always btw


    • Not they won’t be removed. They will stay at least for now. I didn’t think about my next project so can suggest one and I will look if it’s possible;)


    • I have to delay him. He works, but not as good as I would like him to work.
      – The recall doesn’t show the 1 and 0 green portal
      -The custom stun symbol on E doesn’t work

      I will work on him and if I find a way I will fix this.


  10. I’m really sad to see you can’t post here, and I kind of understand that, but I was looking forward to see more from you. Thanks a lot for your contributions here whatsoever. I have to say, I normally came here to see if you updated something. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Question time:
    1. (Since I see you said you will update more) Do you have a page where you put your updates? I entered the chat but I am confused. Very. Confused.
    2. How can I download the PBE? I don’t have an account but I wanna try doing this too, altho I don’t know where to download it, IF you can without an account.


    • The links are all together in my mediafire shared folder but I can’t post them here so pls try discord again and ask the others to help you if I’m not online. If you tell me your name on discord I can keep an eye on that too^^


    • This skin was tricky since the original bin file from the pbe crashed the game. So I took the .bin file from live and added the new parts.


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