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Neptune The Purple Goddess of Planeptune

Neptune The Purple Goddess of Planeptune
Main female character from Hyperdimension Neptunia
>>>Download this skin here<<<
This skin features
*Whole new champion model for Ekko
*Whole new champion voices when using abilities,emotions and Recall
New Update Include 1.4
*Seperate to 19 WXY for the custom voice to work on all servers and languages
ALSO special thank to Xilveon in this skin alpha voice test and preview screenshot
>>>Installation Note<<<
Please choose the WXY for the Server and Language for your LoL Client and install

and here is the spotlight >



  1. Hey guys, i downloaded it and install the skin, all fine, but i dont hear the Voice, i use the EU West Version the de_de

    can you help me?

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  2. Hey first of all thx for this awesome skin but i have the problem that i have the japanese voice mod from mapskins. so if i import the EN file, wooxy delete my voice mod than i choose the JP version than it works. but ingame is the voice in JP but the Male version and not the Female. what can i do to fix that, pls dont tell me i need do deinstall my awesome Japan voice mod ?


  3. Hey man is there any chance you can make the skin work for an actual Ekko skin :)? I have Academy Ekko and i would love if this skin worked for it ❤


  4. I completely forgot how to map this to a different skin myself. I remember seeing it once, and I want to put this on Sandstorm Ekko because I own it. Could I get either a link or just an explanation?

    Also, you’re improving a lot with your animations 😀

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  5. Just a heads up: The picture doesn’t show. You can fix it by uploading the pic to your own workpress site, everyone gets 3gb of free space there and using that one in your post.


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