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Introducing Wooxy map viewer

Hey everybody, Chewy here and I’m back to give you some news on one of the new creation tools for Wooxy: the map viewer!

Since I spent a lot of time on it, I decided that it would be a good idea to create a presentation of it!

The objective

Map skins creators know that creating a such thing isn’t easy at all, especially because we don’t have any other way to test our work than installing what we’ve made and launching the game to see if what we are doing is good. It is even possible to spend more time testing your skin than doing it!

That’s what we wanted to change on map skins creation. How would it be possible to “emulate” the map, as if we were in the game? Good question, and we managed, after many months of work, to get a working tool that will help all of you.

General aspect

Here it is, the Wooxy map viewer, only compatible for now with the new Summoner’s Rift.

What a joy when we first saw this map, the 3D models, the associated textures and the moving camera!

Thanks to this tool, the modder can now easily locate where X texture is used in the map and can focus their work on it.

Once the texture is modified, we can click on “Update textures” to see the result of our modification instantly:

How it works

Wooxy has to open the geometry file of the map you want to view (only the WGEO format is supported for now). The geometry file contains every map model and the information on how to display textures on them. Wooxy also needs to know where your textures are.


As you can see, Wooxy is able to reduce textures quality to make sure you won’t experience any freezes. I recommend to put your textures quality to 50%, this way the map should be smooth and the quality would still be very good.

Wooxy uses WPF to render the map and I guess WPF wasn’t done to render more than 100 complex models, so the usage of memory is quite big. If the available memory isn’t enough, we just need to reduce textures quality to make it work properly.

Going further

Now that we know how to open the geometry file, we can wonder if it would be possible to modify models (and not only their textures). Our latest tests are successful and we plan to add this feature into Wooxy soon.

We also managed to add new models! Basically, the idea is to take an OBJ model, import it to Wooxy and choose where we want to put it, and finally save the geometry file! This isn’t implemented in Wooxy yet, but it’ll be done as well.

For now, users are only able to export any map model to an OBJ file which is interesting if they want to modify it. However, they’ll have to wait for the “import model” feature to see their fantastic modded models in the real game!

Where to use it?

This tool will be available very soon in Wooxy v1.3, in the “Creation Studio”.

We hope to see more map skins creators using this map viewer!



  1. bug no wooxy que quando eu instalo algumas skins(na verdade a maioria) elas não pegam pois quando eu entro no jogo meu personagem fica parado eu clico para andar e ele fica parado mesmo eu clicando para andar arruma isso ae


  2. When we watch to a friend’s game this mod can help us see the champion in 3rd person or smth like this? if yes it will be awsome!


  3. So, with this information on loading available, I assume something like this for champions will be possible (to remove the need for external programs like UU3D to view the textures without going in-game)?


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