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Hot Love (Pink Chroma) Heartseeker Vayne


Ever wanted a PINK Heartseeker Vayne skin? Well, here she is, featuring the Hot Love chroma!

This ONLY WORKS for the Heartseeker Vayne skin, not the base original Vayne.

When she tumbles, the heart-bats are pink instead of red!

Download here!

~ Includes ~

  • Pink chroma of Heartseeker Vayne
  • Pink heart-bats
  • Pink loading screen

Remember to uninstall this chroma, (if downloaded), when wanting to use another Vayne skin. This will remove the above for the time being when using Vayne skins.


Note; There is some pink particle effects on the base Heartseeker Vayne skin, which I did not tamper with.


DISCLAIMER ; I have not put ANY particle effects on the skin besides the bats when she tumbles.



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