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Skin Creation guide updated

The Intro to Skin Creation tutorial was updated to better reflect how to install the plugin compatible with League of Legends in UU3D.

Thanks to PentaKing for the addition!



  1. hey, i really do appreciate what you guys do with your spare time making custom skins for the community to use, but i wanted to ask something that has been on my mind for the past few months. i want to have a summoner’s rift map with the theme of doom bots, and i would make it myself if i could. for the past month or so i been working overtime so i really havent been able to take the time to learn how to make the map using your guides, so my request would be this: would you be able to provide a guide on making map skins or talk to someone in making a darker summoner’s rift map that played the new twisted treeline music including its music triggers? im sure many others would be able to enjoy it including myself


      • i actually just saw it after i got home from work just before i checked if you seen my post. it’s incredible! i liked the original also, but this looks much better awesome job! this is actually better than what i was thinking thanks 😀


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