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Fallen Rift Update (& Giveaway results)

Hey guys PentaKing here with some news. I am Updating Fallen Rift and have made quite some Progress so far.

In the video above you can see the updates I have been working on so far. Here are the specific updates:

  • SR Texture added to the Fallen Rift texture to create a “broken” effect.
  • Added some lighter blue textures to the ground for better visibility in game.
  • Made the area structures darker and added some texture to some of its parts.
  • Background turned red for a “Fallen” effect.
  • Minimap and fog of war edited to fit the map.

Here are the updates I am still planning to do:

  • Fallen HUD.
  • Turrets, Inhibitors and Nexus.
  • Rift Herald
  • Fallen Rift Presentation (video, background loading screen, splash art, etc.)

Let me know what you guys think and if you have any remarks, send me a message on facebook or write it in the comment section down below.

Teams Month Giveaway:

Last week I did a Teams Month Giveaway and the winners are chosen at Teams Month Giveaway.
I was impressed by some of the submissions that I received. There was 1 person who collected all 30 Points for the giveaway: Lexianna! (She is from NA and so she couldn’t win the Giveaway). Here are the videos that she submitted to collect the points:

After seeing how big of a fan of wooxy she is, I decided to “train” her in becoming a skin creator. So far her concepts seem promising. Keep your heads up for some interesting work sooner or later.

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  1. It seems pretty good, but i suggest not to repeat the same pattern of “broken floor” effect in both bases, but to complement it with another ones.


  2. Nice map dude. I like your Projects. Can u make more Team Skins the Skins are pretty nice 😀


  3. HI! look, should I wait for u to ipdate the map or u will take a long time? :/ cause I realy like the map, but those structures are kinda not in the context :/


  4. how can i personal message u? i want to ask u so much things, btw the fallen rift looks great


    • At the end of every post I put links to my social media (FB, Youtube,Twitter, WP). you can message me at the facebook link 🙂


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