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Yasuo, The Demon

This is my first time posting here in this site and im proud to present to you my

Recolored/Retextured Yasuo for Base

Download:Yasuo, The Demon

Screenshots:Left Normal and Right After Ult

After many Noxians that I’ve killed, I didn’t realize i became a feared Demon”

Yasuo, The Demon


  • Retextured Pads
  • Red Particles
  • Bright color Glows (After Ult)
  • Blade Glows (After Ult


    • Edit the .dds files in particles folder which is found in every base and skin folders except for some skins


  1. Solid work, looks really neat!
    Just as a tip, if the reason for the pixelated blood on the texture is that the resolution is too low, you can change the resolution to anything you want as long as you preserve it square shaped. It’s just a minor thing though since you probably wont notice it if you’re actually ingame.

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