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Old Singed

This mod replaces Singed’s model with the one used before his visual update in patch 4.19.
All skins up to Snow Day are replaced. Any future skins will be unchanged.
Also replaces his walk animation with his old one.



  1. Hey, Sokz. I’ve been having a problem with this skin recently while trying to download it and use it in the client. It’s putting the old texture of Singed over the new model, and I can’t seem to get it to work. On another note, Wooxy refuses to take the ChemicalMan.skn file as a file and continues to skip over it. Any ideas?


    • Edit: ignore the part about ChemicalMan. Was thinking of a different file. But yeah, I constantly am getting the old texture over the new model. If you’ve got a fix for this, mind dropping me it? Thanks 🙂


    • Hey, sorry for the late reply. Are you sure you’re downloading from the right link? Because the one in the main post got broken a few patches ago. The updated mod in the comments works fine for me. Either way, I’ll look into it.


    • Hi, I love your work and I am really happy that you updated your skins I love using them.
      I have a small request. Singed had an older version of his running animation, I believe this is it:

      Improved Singed’s running animation.

      Any way you could make a version with the old running animation?


    • Yeah the skin is broken, it’s randomly turned solid blue for me and before that it was the old model but with the new textures on it.


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