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Blue Ahri (w/ Water Particles)

Hi guys, Thornnn here. Introducing my 2nd “Blue” series skin. (After Blue Katarina)

Welcome Blue Ahri

The Full Package Download (.wxy file) Includes

  • Recolored Base Skin
  • Water Particles added to her Abilities
  • New Splash Arts for the Client & in-game

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How to Install
► Download Wooxy  (Highly Prefered) or SIU (Skin Installer Ultimate), Download the provided .rar Files from above.
→ From Wooxy: Open Skins > Import Skins > Add Package: Select .rar file
→ From SIU: Drag and Drop .rar file into page




  1. Any update on this?Particles do not work properly,and idk how to make new ones :p


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  3. How can you prevent the particles from affecting Ahri’s other skins? i.e popstar ahri are using these particles


    • You can’t, one of the downsides to some skins, they share particles from one source usually and changing those change the rest. Would have to uninstall the skin to get her Abilities back to looking normal on other skins


      • Apologies for another question, but you have the most accurate pictures i’ve seen in custom skins… Is it (champ)_square or (champ)_square_0 the icon for the champ (bottom left next to abiltiies) and how do you get the slick border for it? Trying to insert my own but not going well xD.


        • Firstly, i Use GIMP 2.8. (other users here use Photoshop, so the info i give here might be different from some others answers)

          Champ_Square in a .png format is the Air_Client version (Champ Select/ChampionTab/etc) and the Champ_Square_0 one (in a .dds format) is the in-game portraits. Recently Riot has changed the Portraits on the HUD (Bottom of the screen) to Champ_Circle’s, and the Champ_Square is only used in the upper right When someone dies now (used to also be in the Tab menu, not anymore).

          For the Borders, on a 120×120 HUD portrait, i use a the option that’s located in Filters > Decor > Fuzzy Border. I turn the Color White to Black, Change the 16 border size to 6, and the Granularity to 1.

          For LoadScreens (308×560), the only difference is changing the Border Size to 12. Same steps otherwise.

          When it comes to in-game portraits, it’s important to save them in a DXT1 format (i hear it’s opposite for Photoshop – Save in DXT5 format). Either way, if you experience a White background around your portraits, it’s probably in the wrong format, try another till it looks right.

          I should write a GIMP 2.8 League of Legends Splash Art guide, i’m humbled that you think i have the most accurate pictures, greatly appreciate the comment. let me know if you need to understand something better


          • Wow, thanks a lot, that literally solved EVERY problem I had. Really relieved you were using GIMP also =D. The border is what fixed the problem with the white outline.


  4. Wow you are really good! Unfortunately I dont play midlane but i really love the skin! Great work friend


  5. it feels like it would be better if you didnt change ahri’s skin color, the blue is a bit weird, and it might be a good idea to change the hair color to white/silver. Still, excellent work on the water particles 😀


    • The Idea behind the skin color change was from the Atlantean Syndra skin since that’s where i pull the water particles from, in the Syndra skin she has purple skin Skin, so i went off that mainly.

      But here's Ahri's normal skin color: Replace this file with the with the active folder. (be sure to uninstall before making changes just in case ofc)

      Screenshot ►


    • Agreed. Without any additional work on a different version of the skin being necessary, I’d be happy if Thornnn could provide us with a particle-only version (ideally of the other blue skins, for Diana and Katarina too).


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