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Sweetheart Sona for Base

Hey Everyone, Leischii is back with another Skin: Sweetheart Sona

Like every other of “my” skins , this is a skin that was announced on the Pbe like a week ago and I made it now available for the live servers as custom skin.

This Skin replaces the base Sona and features:

-New textures

-New Particles

-New sounds (Recall)


I can’t promise that this skin will work with further patches and I won’t update if it doesn’t work after Patch 6.2.

If you like the skin remember to buy it when it’s available to support Riot Games.

That’s it for now. I hope you like the skin and now I say goodbye till next time 😉

The MapSkins Team is not responsible for this skin or any risks involved using it. Use at your own risk!



  1. Can you make shockblade zed, high noon jhin, blood moon yasuo, championship thresh and arclight vel’koz please, I’m pretty sure a lot of people will use them and you will get popular as well


  2. I’ve been trying to get some RIOT-made skins, but I just can’t seem to succeed 😦 Could you make Cryocore Brand/Dino Gnar/Eternum Nocturne? When I tried to make them, in-game the model whas completely ruined (lines going everywhere without much reason) :/


  3. I have to say “THANK YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU!!”. I wanted to try this skin before it was released to know how was it, and it’s so awesome! Thanks to you I have the opportunity to try it and EVEN WITH PARTICLES. It’s amazing, great job indeed.


        • Yeah I tried until now. What I have to fix before I could upload is:
          -Recall has no sounds and doesn’t load new textures.
          -Texturescraps between ori’s feets that look aweful
          -Some Spell sounds are missing

          So this is still a state I don’t want to and won’t upload


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