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Teams Month Giveaway in 48 Hours!

Hey guys. The winners for the giveaways will be announced on Sunday 7 February at 17:00 (+1:00 UTC). Registration closes at 16:00. So if you havent registered your summoner name on my Facebook page yet, do it now! REGISTRATION CLOSED!

Click here to go to the original giveaway post. Rules to register your name and how to earn points are written here. Also the Giveaways are written here.

Click here to see if your name has been registered and if you got enough points for the completed tasks. If you didnt get the points you collected, send me a message on Facebook and I will fix this for you

Here is a TSM Jinx Montage Created by Kyoo OppaiCanCer. This is amazing so I decided to share it with you all. Submit your videos on youtube and send me the link on Facebook for 5 Points.

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  1. me too i singed up bu i dont see my name, maybe a project nidalee or project lee sin skin?


  2. Hey man i signed up but i dont see my name, Russell Malcome, Ign:FluffyDemonBunny on NA


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