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Old Kassadin

This mod replaces Kassadin’s model with the one used until his visual update in patch 5.5.

Replaces the models of following skins: Base, Festival, Deep One, Pre-Void, Harbringer

Cosmic Reaver and any future skins will be left unchanged.

Since he had his new splash long before the visual update I didn’t replace it with the old one, but you can easily do it yourself.

Also replaces his ability icons. His particles worked a bit weird so I didn’t replace them.





  1. i have a problem with wooxy or the client or something i dont know if this skin got bugged with a patch it worked with me before then it got broken and now when i try to install it the skin is bugged its a small thing with bunch of stuff missing i dont know whats wrong


  2. is there a way to make old miss fortune? maybe with her old particle effects too?

    it would be a miracle, I just want to play as her for a few matches for memories


  3. Hellรด only me have bug ? Q KASS dont love same for E .. ?
    And รงa you do old particles effect ? Like season 3 2 and 1 ?? Thx


  4. hi can u do old kassadin visual like season 3 not skin but VISUAL spell thx you

    ps : sorry for my bad english …


  5. Loving this old champion model project! It’s a long shot, but are there any plans to do something similar for champion textures? Most of the newer textures for old champions like Akali, Ryze and Swain look REALLY iffy ๐Ÿ˜›


    • I will upload a mod soon that reverts all the textures changed by the mass texture changes in late season 4 (in other words, the champs you are talking about). I’m a bit busy at the moment though so there could be some time before I upload my next mod.


    • The oldest files I have is of version 3.12, so any champions updated before that. Someone sent me the beta files but they don’t contain much champions. So I can’t do most champs updated before 3.12.


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