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Blue Blood Akali (Headhunter Recolor)

Blue Blood Akali

Hello , im Dragon0150 and this is my first custom skin , even if its just a recolour i hope you enjoy it !

Splashart Download (Only Loadscreen/Launcher) :


Download it here !

Thank you !




    • Thats why the skin is only a Headhunter recolour , im sorry for you but im already planning a custom skin for default.


      • Oy oy oy , i tought Custom Skins only For Bought Ingame Skins are not allowed here!?!? As i know you have to do this Skin for the Base Skin too.


        • who dfuq said that, before you post a dumb comment do some research the amount of skill you need to make it for base skin means you would need to make the headhunter skin yourself and last time i checked this guy aint a riot god so leave him alone


    • open the blue blood akali zip file click the blue blood akali v1 it should be an icon of google if u used google then drag that out of the folder and put it anywhere u want then go to import skins add a package then click the blue blood akali folder that u dragged out then it should work


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