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Retro HUD skin

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Retro HUD skin does not brings back old HUD at all, but brings back old golden design and allows to use all the new features of updated HUD at same time. Updated and improved for patch 6.2 (or later), this HUD skin features classic golden design with many small detail fixes and quality-of-life changes. This small mod comes in pack with two custom fonts and two minimap mods, everything can be installed separately so you can install only minimap mod, or only font mod, or everything together.


  • Nostalgic skin for new HUD with classic golden design.
  • New design for Death recap that matches old-new HUD theme.
  • Improved resource bar animations – they are more distinct and similar to old animations from previous HUD.
  • Golden exp bar, level-up pluses instead of arrows, square indicators instead of circles for leveled abilities.
  • Classic icons and buttons: Shop button, Stats icons, CS icon, gold icon in Shop.
  • Green borders for buffs and passive effects.
  • Darker ability borders and unavailable abilities – less clutter, more smooth and more contrast.
  • Narrow fonts: thin (UttumDottum) and bold (Arial) for a different readability.
  • Three custom minimap mods: classic golden, realistic (whole map screenshot) and simplified with less contrast.

Additional information

  • Works with patch 6.2 or later.
  • Camera lock, Options and ping buttons near minimap are hidden, but clickable. This was done to reduce amount of details and buttons on HUD.
  • Only one of two fonts or minimap mods can be installed at time. HUD mod can be installed with any of these (or not installed at all, so you may have only font or only minimap font).
  • This is Classic Golden HUD from Classic HUD Project, just fixed for latest patches.

Updates from previous Classic Golden / Hybrid HUD skins

  • New mute icon – green / red glowing circle
  • Slightly improves level-up indicators (square under ability icons)
  • item shop window border is same as Options window border.
  • Slightly brighter recall / chanelling bar.
  • Bug with Rift Herald timer border was fixed (TAB screen).
  • Slightly brighter HUD animations: readiness of ability, blue cooldown fill, etc.


  1. Get Wooxy – a program that allows to install mods.
  2. Download Retro HUD + fonts + minimaps.
  3. Extract everything.
  4. In Wooxy drag-n-drop ONE wxy-file to Skins window.
    • Don’t click Import skin.
    • If you want other wxy-files – add them with same method, one-by-one.
    • You can drag-n-drop only one wxy-file at time.
  5. The mod has appeared in Skins window. Select it and install.


  1. Will you ever add custom hud skins like in your previous versions? I really liked the harrowing and shurima hud skins and would love to see those ones again.


    • I can´t install this hud becuase when i install it start lol launch game i cant go to the game because bug splat :/ sorry for my english.. Please can you answer my question?


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