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Arclight Zed v2


Hi! My name is Bl4ze and today I´m here to bring you the version 2 of Arclight Zed to the base zed skin.

If you can comment and/or do a skin spotlight please.



Hope you enjoy. 🙂



  1. Hello BBl4zeYt Nice Skin btw, can i Do a Skin Spothling look at my channel SkinSpothlights 🙂 See ya 😀


  2. Hey, your skin does not have actual Hitting sounds, when you hit any of your ability it does not have a sound please fix it


  3. Like the skin a lot but there are no sounds when you use the spells. The impact of Q doesn’t make a sound and E makes no sound whatsoever. If you fix that, it’ll be really good.


      • No sounds with zed is impossible to play with. Its just.. greahhfyheywagrhn. You know? So yeah… v3 would be great!


          • Heya awsome job on your skin… Fellow creator interested to see how u got to make the Shockblade e work and looking to test a few things on q trail . Any chances you know how to open your wxy file .. or somehow get the original files of your skin ?


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