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End of Teams Month Achievements + Giveaway!


Hey Guys, PentaKing here to close out Teams Month after posting content every day for the month of January. Therefore I would like to sum up what we achieved with #PentaSkins and to show how gratefull I am: A Giveaway!


  • Over 200.000 views!
  • Over 25.000 Downloads!
  • 50 Posts


  • +50 Subscribers!
  • 100K Total views

I would like to thank every single one of you who downloaded and played my skins. Teams Month got alot more attention than i expected it to receive. It is truly amazing 🙂 Therefore I would like to give back with a giveaway!


  • 1x Skin/Champion Mystery Box (EUW & EUNE ONLY)
  • 3x Custom Skin Requests
  • 10x Ward Skin Requests

Since I am on EUW, I can give a mystery box only on this server. 3 people can receive a custom skin request for any champion they prefer. 10 people can receive a custom ward request.


  1. Share this post on Facebook.
  2. Like the PentaKing Facebook Page and message me your Summoner Name + Server.
  3. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Do the things written above and you will have a higher chance to receive the giveaways. I hope to see many summoner Names 🙂

Further explanation:

The giveaway will work on a point based system. The more points you gather, the higher chance you will get of receiving a giveaway. you can get points for the following:

  • Share this post on Facebook. (1 point)
  • Like the PentaKing FB Page. (1 point)
  • Subscribe to the PentaKing Youtube Channel. (1 point)
  • Let your friends refer your summoner name when they message me their summoner name. (goes up to 10 points for 10 referrals)
  • Upload a screenshot of your summoner name playing 1 of the skins of Teams Month (2 Points)
  • Upload a Video of your summoner name playing 1 of the skins of Teams Month (5 points)
  • Upload a Gameplay Video of your summoner name playing all 5 of the skins of Teams Month in the same team just like my TSM, FNC and OG Gameplay videos.(20 points + Feature in one of my posts.)

These are the ways of how to get points based on how much effort 1 person puts into receiving the giveaways. Note that getting the highest amount of points does not neccesarily mean that you will win a giveaway. So basically if you receive the maximum amount of points (40 points) out of the 1000 total points. Then your chance of winning is (40/1000)*100%= 2%.
Getting 4 points will mean (4/1000)*100%=0,2%. So basically the more points you receive. the higher chance you have of winning. Everyone will be registered in my file which will show how many points which person has. This will be shown on

This giveaway ends on Sunday 7 February 2016 and the winners will be announced on the same day. so make sure to collect as many points as possible until then. Good luck summoners!

If there are any Questions, you can message me on Facebook or ask it in the comment section down below. Good luck in sharing and if this giveaway seems to be succesfull, many more (larger) giveaways will Garen Teed follow 🙂




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