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Old Fiora

This mod replaces Fiora’s model with the old one, which was used until patch 5.15.

Replaces the following skins: Base, Royal Guard, Nightraven, Headmistress

Also replaces Fiora’s default splash and icon with the old one.

PROJECT Fiora and all future Fiora skins will be left unchanged.





  1. Ohh I hope manage to fix them, I didn’t play in the days of old Fiora but it looks great!
    Shame on the one person that voted (1 star) if it’s just because it doesn’t work when clearly that is due to Riot changes since this old skin fix was originally released.


  2. very well done. only 1 bug tho, when you Q on things sometimes the animation will stay stuck for a second or two. if you fixed that it would be perfect! thanks for creating this


  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READİNG MY COMMENT İ SAİD DO THİS 3 OR 2 MONTHS AGO THANKS!!! Now Can you do old miss fortune please :((


  4. Is there a way to get this in a zip format instead of .wxy? I set up some nice splash and icons for Fiora and would like to use those.


      • Sorry to trouble you again…
        So i tick on “Allow adding new files” and drag and drop the zip file but the game won’t load. I tested some of the files and when I remove the .blnd the game will load and things work correctly. But of course without the .blnd fiora’s body becomes a creature lol. Am i doing something wrong or is the .blnd just not working?

        the .wxy file works wonderfully though so maybe something was outdated in the zip.


        • The “add new files” option in the settings menu only makes the checkbox appear when adding a new skin. You have to extract the zip, go to the skins folder, click “add folder”, select the folder and then there will be a checkbox “add new files” which you have to tick. IDK why it works like that but it does.


      • thanks to this program I was able to bring old Fiora and Katarina’s splashs and now thanks to you I can play with my old Fiora again, THANK YOU SO MUCH !! GP will be great too !!


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