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Human/Elegant Tango Evelynn

As Promised there are comming more Skins to show off. Futures EvE

This is an old skin based of an Elegant Eve on theme Evoirment vs Evoirment.

Basicly eve became an very elegant person who shows no mercy on taking down enything.




  1. You guys could at least make sure to put the game on max settings with anti-aliasing to take the screenshot. The character is so pixelated i don’t even want to download the skin ’cause i’m not sure it will look good even on max settings. This should be standart for posting screenshots.


      • Even if he had 12fps on max settings. It’s just for the screenshot.. he doesn’t need to play on ultra.. just print. I mean, if you’re going to publish a custom skin where your objective is for it to look as good as possible, the least you should do is to put the graphic quality in-game on maximum and enable antialiasing.. it will only serve the purpose to properly show the skin quality.


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