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Dj Sivir Final Version

“Double DJ is also double fun, use DJ Sona’s Music for a better experience”

  • New model
  • New custom  loadscreen
  • New voice sound
  • New texture
  • Particle changes
  • New recall animation
  • No abilities custom sounds because of clarity reasons

Skin is made by EnjoyYourmadness and DDUN ASTRO

Note: If you want the voice sound  and if you are playing on an english client  you will install the DJ Sivir Final Version v6 (By DDUN ASTRO & EnjoyYourMadness).wxy file if you are playing from a diffrent language you have to install and the DJ Sivir Final Version v6 (By DDUN ASTRO & EnjoyYourMadness).wxy and download the Sivir_Base_VO_audio.wpk from link down and import it on Wooxy and press Resolve conflicts and select your client language and then install it too.

Inspired by this fanart: umisaru’s Dj Sivir Fanart




E when you cancel ability (sry for bad screenshot but the bot was so bad)


Dj Sivir VO:

Texture creation speedart(it has nice song :P):

Download Dj Sivir Final Version En_us

Download Sivir_Base_VO_audio.wpk


Texture ,sound voice and loadscreen is created by EnjoyYourMadness and model and particles are made by me. Thumbs up for EnjoyYourMadness and his great texture and loadscreen.



  1. can you tell me which files to edit to get a custom blade in the Q and W skills? i made a .SKN file with a different blade/weapon but the skill animations are still the old ones, you did it but i cant extract the wooxy file to see for my self


  2. Why is it sayinng – this is not a valid skin ? i just download and put in in wooxzy ?


  3. Love the skin! Especially the details you put into the notes when her Q is coming back and it hits something.

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  4. I followed the steps shown for adding the voice for dj sivir, but when I tested it out in game the voices did not work, but everything else was on point


  5. it didn’t work for me. when i got to the resolve conflicts all i can do is click save. then i had to do all these other things


  6. Man!!I love the VO,very “mystic” =))) and I’m seriously wanting to know how to edit that…..i’ve found some tools that could extract the audio files but i just cant repack them @@!!so plzzzz could you or EnjoyYourMadness share with me the way that you guys edit and repack them(Because I want to fix the f**king low pitch “Tahm Kench” style of Japanese Zed voice “”)so plzz guys just a simple instruction is also find,i just wanna know HOW you guys can do such awesome thing @@ :3

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  7. Man,the VO is awesome and I seriously want to know how to edit the voice…..i ve found some tools that could extract the audios file but I just cant combine them back!!! @@……So….would you mind sharing with me on how to do that(just because I want to fix the f**king “Tahm Kench” style Zed Japanese voice @@)so please,could you share with me or help me ask EnjoyYourMadness on how to edit audios??I’d be very thankful :3

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  8. All I’m getting is a message saying “The added package couldn’t be opened in Wooxy” when I tried to add the .wxy file to Wooxy.

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    But it’s got some bugs. When AA, she’s cutting herself, and white parts are unvisible behind weapon. If u would fix it, it would be perfect. ❤

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  10. Sorry if anyone didn’t like the voice, i think its fine and thats why i did it, i’m still learning voice editing so it may sound good to ones and bad to others, ask DDUN ASTRO and he can give you the file without the VO

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    • hai man! i just checked your voice thingy… i hear some delay instead of echo or it is both maybe. what kind of program u use? if u need some backup i could help you to edit sounds since im using FL for a few years sooo dont be shy man…keep up the good work and contact me at

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