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Piko The Yellow Heart


Piko The Yellow Heart
Main female character from Hyperdimension Neptunia
>>>New Update is out click here<<<
This skin features
*Whole new champion model for Zed
*Whole new champion voices when using abilities and the custom voice is also feature new champion emotion voice(ctrl4)
*New Q Shuriken and E Shadow Slash Particles



  1. is it possible to extract the wxy file so i can import all the files again in to wooxy.becouse then the sound files will work on euw


    • Extrack the rar and use Import Skin go to Add package and select Piko The Yellow Heart v1.3 (By MuvLuv).wxy from folder ピーシェイエローハート


  2. I think the splash art files are kinda messed up, i get the regular zed splash on the client, the custom splash only shows on the loading screen, and its in a weird resolution was it done on purpose?


  3. I had to change the first picture of the post to a more “safe” one, although it’s basically impossible to find safe pictures from yellow heart out there >.>


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