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Bittersweet Ziggs

  • New model
  • Particle changes
  • Install methood: Wooxy
  • Replaces base skin
  • Size 814.76KB

Download Bittersweet Ziggs



  1. Dear guy who took the time to make this skin… can you make A bomber man zielean where Hes just wearing the hat,Throws the bombs,and has other special effects?


    • also a good Idea for draven is to make, Get this, Biggest Fan Draven where hes dressed up as himself as a mascot


  2. Hi, I really appreciate a lot this skin, but could u please make a folder download so that we can chose to change one particle or Ziggs’ model as i want it ? I’m use to blend the skins that i love the most. At the moment its not very important but if you could put a link in the future i think it would be great.


    • i am afraid i can’t give you the files cause i don’t want the skin to be uploaded to another site with some changes or change the skin


  3. Great work this skin looks great I love most of your work lucian, zyra and personal fav bard
    Is there a chance you could remake the frostblade irelia into purple with purple particles? Also a champ skin suggestion for Draven as his current skins aren’t great.


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