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Snow Day Poppy

Download Here.

Preview Here.
(Particle changes included)



  1. hey man!I saw the work of you and DDUNN ASTRO on DJ Sivir,very nice remodel and pretty awesome echo sounder-voice!! I ve been wondering how did you do that 0.0 !!Would you mind give me some tips or share with me on how to extract the VO,edit and repack it back to wpk with Wwise??plzz help me(because I wanna fix the stupidly “Tahm Kench” styled JPanese Zed voice @@

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      • yup,Zed sounds extremely like Tahm Kench =)))))) but………..i ve my own way to edit the soundbanks :3,just higher the pitch 124% and you get such awesome voice in my opinion :3 as for Annie I think it’s kinda Anime style =))) and very fit the mod Yoshino Annie(Im an Otaku ya know :3) well as soon as posible may be i’ll post my rework on Zed JP voice for u guys to check out :3

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        • so, i really don’t know how to explain it perfectly and i’m going to do a tutorial, but for now i can do a the VO for you, is that ok?


          • nah i dont really need it anymore :3 like i said up there,i ve found another way of my own to edit it :V kinda complex but im good now man!!may be i’d even make it a downloadable mod =)).but beside,thanks,your mod have some very cool texture and when you made the DJ Sivir voice,u give me some hope that i could also edit the soundbank :3,u have my thanks btw :V

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