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High Bloon Yasuo

Hello, LCrew here!


Today I am bringing you a custom skin/recolor for High Noon Yasuo skin, that I have been woring on past few days.

DISCLAIMER: You have to OWN this Yasuo skin, in order to use it.

This skin includes:

  • Awesome blue colored Yasuo skin.
  • All particles are colored blue. ( I could be wrong on this one, if you see any bugs report in comment section )
  • Colored Splash art.


DOWNLOAD: High Bloon Yasuo (by Little Crew)


As always leave your feedback in comment section down below. And tell me what you want to see next. 🙂




  1. Hey I love all the skin you guys make but I was wondering if you can make a high noon type skin for base yasuo, i’m a huge fan of your work and I hope you keep it up!


  2. When I uninstall the skin particules stays changed… plz help. I love to swap from base skin to custom ones form time to time…


    • Sorry, I started by complaining… Have to say I love the skin, the color and particules are great, you did a good job ! Keep it up
      I’m rly sorry that I started by complaining, it’s not nice, but I’ve panicked, this is my favorite skin on Yasuo (High Noon), I fear to lose it cause of the particule change, plz help me (you can even add a “custom” skin that change it back to basics ) :/


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