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PROJECT: Kalista

Another of The Natoken Project’s fine skins is here! This time we’re starting off a new PROJECT line with the Spear of Vengeance herself, Kalista. This one is a High Tier skin, with several new features for the spear queen.


• New Particles

• New Model [textures]

DownloadProject Kalista 

Currently known bugs: E spears are not changed at all

AA trail is green

Some other particles are green






  1. I know the skin its already finish, but, if the color was green ( like the base skin ) i promese i will buy her, bc i like it ( and i dont play a lot kalista ), but when i see the image, i was thinking that was a leona skin, sorry but its my personal opinion.

    i want you continue with your job 😀


  2. After a week, I still can’t figure out how to install this. I have tried every variation of installing it, both as a folder and as a ZIP file. The most I can get it orange spears. Can someone please make a WXY file of this please?


  3. Please change the sentinel into a quadcopter or something else and if you could add a really cool recall effect that’d be awesome. Good job so far!


  4. Yo man, you could make project kalista so much better … spears at the end could have Project emblem, recolor of hud spells it’s ugly to me.. like not needed and this is all from my side. otherwise is good skin (y)


  5. Awesome skin! really like the project series , what about a project: talon? would fit perfectly imo 🙂


    • Hi i have a qustion.When i upload it to lol and install it i just see the normal kalistar with the other particels pls answer me 🙂


  6. I REALLY love the weapon you gave her, it looks amazing on her. The only thing I don’t like is how the orange looks but i’m sure you’ll be able to fix it


  7. How about make the PROJECT kalista green instead of orange, then it fixes the problem with the particles


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