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Donkey Kong Kaptain K. Rool Gangplank

Donkey Kong Kaptain K. Rool Gangplank!!!

Out for DK’s golden banana hoard! He is ready to plunder! Featured Rambi’s box for his recall and DK Barrels!

Thanks to Alvara Carillo for his fantastic King K rool model and blunderbuss! A link to his work can be found here:

There are more skins I made to be found here: Mundonator’s skins

This particular skin can be downloaded here: Kaptain K Rool Gangplank




  1. Can you replace captain gp with this one. Im using your “King” rool on the defult would love to have both


    • Adres thanks mate. I’m already busy working on a few more project. If anything would become one punch man it would be vi. Not sure if I will do him though, there are more iconic characters to be done.. cough Darth Vader cough


      • i am trying to use it with wooxy too, but the 2 files being loaded always end up being skipped. my wooxy is up to date and everything and i been wanting to use this particular skin for about a month now 😦 please help


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