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Original Trundle VO

Hello once more! I finally finished the Trundle VO mod after help from Chewy (Thanks for the older Wooxy dl ;D ) It’s quite obvious what this mod does. Keep in mind for whatever reason this and my Sion one’s voice lines are pretty quite (At least from what I can hear) so you may need to turn the voice volume up in the options. Other than that, it is fully functional and works just like it should. Next will probably be Karma, followed by Karthus. PLEASE give me some suggestions, because I would love to do more that you guys want. 🙂


I’m sure you know how to download, and here is the file:



  1. i am just wondering when are you going to release the classic karma VO, i do not want to sound rushy because i know the process it takes i am just so eager to see it 😀


    • Sorry to keep you waiting. I’ve been busy and i haven’t really been working on it. I already made a Poppy one (But I may need to fix something before I upload it), but that took hours so I haven’t really wanted to continue on any other ones that I started (Karma, Karthus) but I’ll try to work on that tonight, and I’ll make sure to put it up as soon as it’s done. If I don’t upload it tomorrow morning, expect tomorrow night (Sorry again about the wait). 🙂


  2. I have a question – I have a problem that keeps me from converting the files to the modified wem files. I edited the files in audacity and extracted them from there as .ogg but here comes the problem. When I press the convert button in the WPK packer by skin spotlights it opens a black cmd as it should but it actually wont convert the files but will display an error saying – Project migration needed. Can you help me with this ?


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