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Teams Month Announcement


Hey guys. PentaKing here with a huge announcement for 2016. Start off the year (4th Januari – 31st Januari) with some of your favorite teams during: Teams Month!

So what is Teams Month? Basically I will release custom skins for some of your favorite teams of EU LCS and NA LCS during the entire month of January. You might have already seen my TSM skins (If not, the links are down below). Similar to these skins I will make more Team skins, starting off by updating the existing TSM skins and adding an ADC and Jungler to the TSM Team. After that I will continue by making skins for more Teams. I have made a schedule for the release dates of these Team skins. This is from 4/1/2016 -31/1/2016 :

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
TSM Top TSM Jungle TSM Mid TSM ADC TSM Support TSM Bundle GamePlay
FNC Top FNC Jungle FNC Mid FNC ADC FNC Support FNC Bundle GamePlay
OG Top OG Jungle OG Mid OG ADC OG Support OG Bundle GamePlay
C9 Top C9 Jungle C9 Mid C9 ADC C9 Support C9 Bundle GamePlay

Monday – Friday: Custom skins for that week’s Team for each Role.
Saturday: Team Bundle with every champion of the week + Team Ward + Team Base Logo.
Sunday: Gameplay video of the skins of that week on my Youtube channel.

So keep your heads up for Teams Month! Follow me on the links below to follow the progress on my creation of the skins. Meanwhile check out my already existing Team skins:
Screenshots Gallery:

View the original posts here:
TSM Yasuo
 | TSM Morgana FNC Vayne TSM Zed | TSM Riven | TSM Twitch

Try it out yourself. Hope you will enjoy it. Leave a comment down below to let me know what you think of this and if you have any ideas for new skins which you would like to see. Go to to see my other skins.

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  1. Hey PentaKing ur skins are really awsome, im useing the Green TSM Zed allthe time. But i love too play Akali too but there are no Akaliskins here on this webside, i looked on others too and tryed a lot most had big bug or were ugly. So i would love to see an Akaliskin. Btw im german.


  2. Pentaking I inspered my self on your TSM skins and create a TSM skin a long time ago. The skin is not very bad, but my photoshop skills aren’t the best. It’s a skin for a adc. If you are interesed pls say something and give me your email for I give you the skin prints and files


    • Already got TSM Riven so wont do OG Riven. But i think that the OG Top will be just as awesome/broken (maybe even more) as Riven 😉


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