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Pikachu Kennen


Hi, The Natoken Project here with another pokemon skin

This time we went with one of the most popular skin ideas – Pikachu Kennen



  • New model
  • New textures
  • New particles

Skin Spotlight

Download : Pikachu Kennen v2 

Credit – beackerskins for particles

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  1. Hey man, congratulations on the great work!

    I made a video showing off everything this amazing skin has to offer, here’s the link for anyone interested!

    Keep up the amazing work!


  2. It works great, i love the q xD. Anyone aksing questions about how to. Go back to startpage. I mean, can you guys read? And is it your first time technology?


  3. There seems to be a problem with uninstalling the skin. it wont let me uninstall. I love this pikachu skin but i want to test other kennen skins as well. i’d like some advice pls tyvm
    Garena PH player here


  4. even though i pull the file to wooxy it still doesnt work in custom mode… poor kennen.. can anyone help?


    • Since only you caan see the skin yourself, there is no “worth” for Riot to ban that. It could be seen as a “graphic bug” wich dont have any downsides for the player.


  5. Im surprised, you acually took some particles from my skin. I knew they looked familiar 😛
    I guess it is a pretty different take on the concept with the whole body being replaced by a pikachu though, so it’s okay. Funny skin by the way!


    • Actually yes I did because I had to download a skin for kennen that has particles because I dont want to spend a few years finding them in /Particles. I thought those were just the normal particles in yellow but gave them my own yellow that looked exactly the same. If you want me to give you the credit just tell me /Crauzer


        • Will give you the credit when im home. I wanted to ask 1 more question. How did you binded the skin and exported the model when there were 2 “skeletons”. I had to parent the weapon bone to the root and then delete the shuriken and paint weight on bolt . I basically sticked it into the hand


          • I didn’t encounter any difficulties when binding. I just smooth bound both bones without parenting either of them. Could’ve been because the skin is mildly old and now some stuff changed. Like for example maya cant read some new animations and its harder to find particles. Dunno tho


    • Nagiliant speaking: Well i agree on that, everyone does >.> but this is just an alpha.. we will only publish alpha skins atm Since I’m working on our website xD
      I will finish all the skins when I’m done with it! so you should just wait! 😛


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