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Arcade HUD


LittleCrew here with another HUD for you guys!

This time, I have prepared an Arcade HUD.

I hope Existor won’t mind, because he is the original ideas author, but as he stopped updating Classic Project HUD skins, I might as well try to make them. ( But with new design )

Arcade HUD contains:

  • Awesome Chroma*.
  • Arcade Skin weapons (Hecarim Halaberd, MF’s Pistol , Arcade Rivens** Blade)
  • Cool Design.

DownloadArcade HUD

*- Recolor of  original

**- Not the real Riven’s sword 😦


As always, leave your feedback and suggestion in comment section. And let me know if you liked my HUD or you didn’t. 🙂



  1. That really good can u tell me how to do that ? :c would like the same for sona dj or arcade


  2. Pretty good, the Hecarim horns and too much glitches were a bit unnecessary, but overall great, be proud of yourself :)

    Gonna try it soon in a normal match :) Good for Final Boss Veigar and this:


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