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Original Gangplank VO

Hello! I am back again with another voice mod! Sorry if this took to long. I procrastinated for far too long. This mod replaces Gangplank’s voiceover for all of his skins, except Captain Gangplank. Since I worked my hardest on this mod, it has NO issues! This is the final version! Hope you like it. As usual, it only works on NA , so sorry to anyone else on other servers D: I’m sure you know how to download it. I will be back soon with some old Karthus, Trundle, and Karma sound mods soon.  😉

Download Below!



    • Just tried it. Still works. Are you using Special Forces? If so it doesn’t work with that skin.


      • Sorry, I should have been more precise with my wording.
        There is no sound when he uses W to eat an orange, it’s only minor but if the place it was contained has been removed from the file system i understand.


        • I still don’t completely understand what you mean. The actual healing sound from his W, or his biting sound when he bites the orange? The first one’s still there and I got rid of the biting sounds because he didn’t have them pre-rework.


    • Sorry I don’t think I can. It would require replacing all the sound files again. (Trust me it took almost 3 hours) The only reason it doesn’t work is because special forces has it’s own “voice pack” (If that is what you could call it) For example, every skin that has a different voice (Legendary/Ultimate/Pentakill Karthus) has it’s own. Special Forces has it’s own voice pack because the spanish voice is different. Sorry but I really don’t feel like going through it again 😦 But I finished Poppy just to lazy to upload it. Almost done with Karma and Karthus.


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