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AMA | The Natoken Project

In this AMA you can ask us [ Nagiliant, Crauzer, Alvsgaming, Chewy, Alex, Sestricken ] anything you want
Except for : Personal questions
AMA starts at 18:30 PM CET, 9:30 AM PST
You can ask questions here on Map Skins or Reddit –
You can submit your skin ideas to our mail –



  1. Dude I make u a request to full fill my dreams Just make a cool Brand skin or Arcade brand please bro please


  2. Can you do Battle Bunny/Dragon Blade Riven skins like the original ones for the base skins ?
    Just not recolor for another skins please.-)


  3. Hey, can you guys do a tutorial on how to switch default skins with original RIOT made ones, and how to do it taking particles with them? 🙂 I have searched whole internet, and nada.

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  4. Can you guys make a lee sin skin with full particles and maybe loading screen, profile, and ability icons with that?

    A quinn skin with new particles would be nice too


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