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Origen HUD

Hello, this is my first ever made custom HUD!

I worked on this HUD for a few days, but I hope you will like it. 🙂

There might be some bugs, post them in comment section and I will try to fix them. 🙂


Please, leave some feedback on my next HUD, and maybe some tips how to get better results. 🙂



  1. There is a bug in which there is a little square in the minimap that doesnt let you see the top blue sides first brush.
    If there is a ward you may not know it.


    • idk if this’ll work for u but if ur folder is .zip u wanna move the insides of the folder and put it on ur desktop (it’ll unzip the folder) and then just add package from wooxy from there


  2. I noticed a few odd things about the skin;
    – I find the color of dead champions in the scoreboard being purple a bit odd. I think that changing it to perhaps white or a different shade of orange could help it fit witht eh rest of the hud skin.
    – The XP bar is small compared to the orange ‘frill’ next to it, which makes it confusing at first to what the XP bar is. It could be a good idea to shrink that part a tab bit.

    Other than that, the HUD is solid and I can’t wait to see what you make next.


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