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Poppy Skin Touch-Ups



  • More saturated eye colors on skins, to match splashes
  • More soot on Blacksmith Poppy and her equipment
  • Scarlet Hammer Poppy’s ult hammer is scarlet

Separate skin:

  • Makes Battle Regalia Poppy more golden
  • Much more golden
  • Her Glowing effects are more golden, too.

Golden Regalia Poppy Golden Regalia Poppy 2

Golden Regalia Poppy: HERE
Other Poppy Touch-Ups: HERE



  1. Hey there! Thanks for your effort. One question though: My Wooxy is skipping the file completely for the touch-up.
    Could you add some sort of installation-tutorial or troubleshooting to your description?
    Thanks in advance!


    • Update: Got it to work but another question: Could you implement a before/after-screenshot of each uptouched skin? Because as much as I play Poppy I could hardly tell the difference but maybe because I just had a few games with her since the skinedit and hadn’t had the time to look closely.
      Cheers and keep up the work. More love to Yordles!


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