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Wooxy 1.2 patch notes

Hello everybody, a new Wooxy version is out! This version marks the birth of the Creation Studio!


Creation studio

  • The creation studio has been created! It will include many tools that will help people make their custom skins.

For now, Wooxy only has a new files extractor. I removed the soundbanks reader because I need to remake it with the discoveries I recently made. Next Wooxy versions will be devoted to the addition of new tools to the creation studio such as a model viewer for champions and maps.

New files extractor

  • The files extractor was remade from scratch: improved performance and clarity.
  • Files can now be filtered depending on what you choose: you can filter them by version, name or type.

This is the big thing of this update. You can now search the files that you want to extract instead of having to know where they are located. If you want to extract all the “Zed” textures from the latest version of LoL, that can be done in 10 seconds now!

Garena support (Beta)

  • Wooxy now supports Garena LoL. Note that this feature is still in beta and that some bugs might occur.

This update also comes with the public Garena support! It’s BETA because we only tested this feature with a private group. NOTE: Wooxy takes some time to “create manifests” the first time you run it!

Bug fixes

  • Resolved conflicts are now properly displayed in the files tree.
  • Wooxy won’t take forever to check for updates.


  • 2 categories for skins added : “HUD” and “Sounds mod” (Thanks Crauzer).
  • It’s been 1 year since we released the first alpha version for Wooxy. Something from the first versions was added to this new version, will you find it?


As always, if you find bugs or have suggestions for Wooxy, you can send everything here.



  1. Wooxy failed to load backup manifests

    Could not load file or assembly ‘System.IO.Compression,
    Version=, Culture=neutral bla bla

    need help 🙂


    • Make sure you have .NET Framework v4.5 (or higher) installed! Also, Wooxy doesn’t work on Windows XP. And bla bla


  2. Is there a way that I could download an older version of Wooxy? Since of course, the newer one’s file extractor doesn’t seem to work on XP. :\


  3. Well the feature to open wpk files be readded in the future? Wooxy have been my only way to edit sound effects in those wpk files for some time, and is my primary reason for using the program (even if im starting to use the other features more and more). it makes me regret updating it, is it posible to return to the old version that still can acces wpk files?


  4. Hi i really love ur skins!! But can you tell me how i open a .wxy file b/c sometimes i want to put some files out and i cant do b/c i dont know how


    • Okay can you tell me everything (in the details) that you did before having this message? Thanks! If you don’t remember, try to reproduce the bug if you can 🙂


      • I extracted some voice packs like a week ago, but I hadn’t used Wooxy since. I opened it, then updated it. After it finished updating I clicked creation tools, then “Files Extractor” and this message came up and Wooxy closed. I really don’t know what could’ve caused this. :\


        • I see you are running on Windows XP, that could be the problem. To be sure it happens to all tree files, can you tell me if you are able to import skin and add files to the tree in this new version?


          • Sorry for the late response, but yes I can add files/import skins, I can do anything except for extract any files. Sadly I’m stuck with an old Windows XP computer, and I will probably get a new one soon, especially since so many things aren’t compatible anymore, and likely Wooxy as well D:


  5. When I click in “Update to 1.2 now!”

    Tell’s me: “Wooxy failed to download the updater. Check your internet connection and try again”

    What can I do? There is a direct link for the update?


    • Just one: you can’t create/install a skin that deletes a file from the game. But this feature isn’t really used, so that’s not a problem!


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